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We optimize the properties of functionalized gel microspheres (aka "beads") for bioscience applications. Agarose is the preferred medium for most bead applications because of its strong, macroporous gel structure and non-reactivity toward biological materials . Derivatized or ligand-coupled agarose beads therefore provide a rapid and cost-effective method for both the purification and characterization of multicomponent biomixtures-ranging from cells to subcellular nucleic acids, proteins and virtually any other biomaterial. Importantly, a relatively small volume of agarose microspheres can accomplish a lot -because there are millions of macroporous gel microspheres in every milliliter of beads- and an enormous number of bio-permeable "macropores" in every single bead ! As a result, agarose beads have a much higher effective surface area and hence functional capacity than solid or more restrictive beads of comparable size.

  • BioScience 6 MB Agarose Macrobeads for affinity chromatography of cells

  • BioScience 6% Agarose Magnetic Beads

  • BioScience beads with microcrystalline starch in 4% agarose bead; mag: 400 X

  • BioScience enzymatically sulfated gel bead stained with toluidine blue

  • BioScience beads with microcrystalline starch in 4% agarose bead; mag: 100 X

  • SEM photo of a 1% LE Agarose gel at 22kX magnification