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The Inquiry Page is designed to help you find out the price and availability of a particular Special Product(s) you may want to order.

For all orders of standard bead products, please use the “To Order” page.

If your Specialty Bead Product inquiry involves either Magnetic or Hydrophobic Beads, please use the appropriate section(s) below to complete your inquiry. Otherwise, skip to the “For Other Specialty Agarose Bead Section”, below, and follow the instructions. Also note that you can type in the specifications or requirements for your specialty bead in the “window space ” provided at the bottom of this page.

Custom or specialty beads from the BioScience Beads Division typically require an inquiry before the specifications and cost of the beads can be established. This is easily done using the form below. Your inquiry will be answered promptly.

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In the space below, provide specifications or functional properties you want to have in your specialty agarose beads. Remember to specify bead type, agarose concentration (%), bead size range (um), the bead volume you want, and any other special properties you want (crosslinking, preactication, etc.) Alternatively, specify the bead application or functional goal you want your specialty bead(s) to achieve.

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