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More Savings Than Ever

Saving money on supplies has never been more important !  Smart shopping for the most cost-effective products and Just-In-Time (JIT) ordering are two of the best ways to save. That's why we've found the following ways to Save you even more.

  • Unlike some other suppliers, we don't frequently increase our prices
  • We've reduced shipping costs; and
  • We've reduced turnaround time - even on custom orders.

In other words we've made it easier than ever for you to get the most cost-effective, high quality bead products- JIT- or whenever you want.

More New Product Options

Wider range of derivatized magnetic beads: In addition to glyoxal (CHO), the following derivatives are available for any size bead - and at prices which are unmatched anywhere:

  1. Aminoethyl
  2. Carboxymethyl
  3. Iminodiacetic (IDA), and
  4. Thioethyl (T-gel)

This pictorial illustration illustrates how one can quickly, efficiently, and cost-effectively  achieve dramatic magnetic bioseparations.

New, Monodisperse (10-15 um) Beads

We now offer the following polyglucan bead derivatives :

  1. Crosslinked
  2. Aminoethyl
  3. Glyoxal
  4. Carboxymethyl

The underivatized polyglucan beads are also available.

Carrageenan Beads (i.e. naturally sulfated), having a known sulfate sterochemistry (vs. random sulfates like chemically derivatized sulfate beads (SP) from other suppliers) and a long history of having an affinity for:

  1. substances that bind heparin(s),
  2. virus particles (incl.HPV & HIV)
  3. various enzymes like reverse transcriptase

"Sphere Power"

BioScience Beads Massager

In times like these, we could all use a good, gratuitous back massage, right ? So all BioScience Bead orders- until further notice- will be filled with a FREE 5-Sphere Massager. It's 5 spheres will remind you that if 5 spheres can be so helpful- imagine what MILLIONS can do! That's how many spherical beads there are in each milliliter of SEC, Affinity, Ion Exchange or other 50-150 um BioScience Agarose Beads. So let Sphere Power help you on all "fronts" .......and your back too !

Did you know that “Size is Important” when it comes to both nature's micro-world and bioseparation beads?

Take the following "Size IS Important" QUIZ #1 and find out how much you know about the subject.

Choose the correct size (i.e. letter) that best approximates each of the objects listed below:

1) Viruses__________

a) 0.005-0.3 um
b) 0.01- 4um
c) 5-10 um
d) 0.3-60 um
e) 10-300 um
f) 10-800 um
g) 1230 um
h) 100-10,000 um

2) Tobacco smoke__________
3) Red blood cells__________
4) Bacteria__________
5) Mold spores__________
6) Human hair (diam.)__________
7) Pollens__________
8) BioScience Beads__________
9) Yeast cells__________
10) Fog__________
11) Eye of a needle__________
12) Beach sand__________

For answers to the quiz, see the bottom of the “Contact Us” Page.

BioScience Bead Publications

  • BioScience Magnetic beads were featured in the Nature Methods article, " Striving for Purity : Advances in Protein Purification " Nature Mehtods, Vol 2, No. 1, pg 72 , January 2005.
  • At the  Eastern Analytical Symposium (November 2009) BioScience Magnetic Affinity Beads were compared with HPLAC (high pressure liquid affinity chromatography) - showing the dramatic speed advantages of magnetic bioseparations.
  • At the 2012 PITTCON Meeting, a conference entitled "The potential for magnetic bead-based affinity separations (MBAS) to replace high pressure liquid affinity chromatograpy", was facilitated by Colloidal Science Solutions, Inc.

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